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* After your order, we expect you to send an e-mail with your photos and special requests. A draft will be sent to your email before drawing. After you approve the draft, your drawing is going to begin. You can find more information about the product in the description section of the subsection.

If your drawing and design are ready, you can choose "I just want printing".

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There are 2 options as invitation drawing option. The first option is faces and full body drawing. The second option will be drawn entirely in the concept you have dreamed of. (For example, as a special concept for a traveling couple, the bride and groom can work in the car in a small world.) You can select the option you want from the "drawing option" section above.

Designs such as flowers and colors will be prepared according to personal tastes in both drawing options. You can specify these requests in the e-mail you will send after your order or you can leave it to our cartoonists.

IMPORTANT: The same design as the sample invitation can be used. If you have special requests about the design (color change, font change, flower change, etc.), please specify.

Wedding dress, groom, flowers and so on. If you have special requests you can also specify before drawing.

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